EmptyInside (thelastbandito) wrote,

Dear Livejournal...

Today, on Live Journal, I have...

Pondered the possiblities of camping with graye in July.

Attempted to confuse assfingers.

Thoroughly documented my distaste for all things graye.

Offered advice or chastisement, I was never good at either.

Practiced Voodoo and defended the honor of Dom Delouise!

Signed a movie contract.

Processed complaints to the establishment in regards to the new laws of Prestonia, and directed The Department of Ninja's in their enforcement of these laws.

Made semi-obscure Saturday Night Live quotes in relevant places.

Posted (and UPDATED) my live journal about the live journal comments and posts that I've made today.

Quote: "FUCK YOU kujawski!" - thelastbandito
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