EmptyInside (thelastbandito) wrote,

Tales of my names.

boxlor: I used to go by Mike.
boxlor: Everyone who knew me, called me by my shortened name, which was Mike, for Micah.
boxlor: And then after like 20 people I met in a short time due to a different living situation, all remarked in one form or another, after introductions.
boxlor: 'I knew a mike. Mike was an asshole.'
boxlor: I started introducing myself as Preston.
boxlor: Very few people have remarked upon meeting me. 'I knew a Preston. Preston was a dipshit.' or something similar.
boxlor: Now, after meeting me, I can't say how many of them went on to make such sentiments at a later time.
boxlor: The point of the matter is, Mike, is a four letter word.
boxlor: And I believe that conclusively proves my point.
boxlor: And that point, is that I am AWESOME.
boxlor: So adore me while you can, because while I indeed plan on living forever, I may not succeed.
boxlor: And I think that's going to go in my blog.
boxlor: Right there, I just wrote a blog.
boxlor: And it was AWESOME.
boxlor: Just like me.
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