EmptyInside (thelastbandito) wrote,

This is why I love, kujawski.

"Dude, you got a cell phone. Hahaha... I think that's like the 14th sign of the apocalypse... it's not really... one of the important ones, but it made the list.

uh... man... so uh... things are going alright for you, huh? figuring out this housing situation thing, you know, but, you should get through it. Good to see that you've been so stable for so long, at least you know, you haven't gotten fired or anything for ...years.

That, that, that's good... because it's a bad feeling... losing jobs.

So I finished the second season of the OC, and I'm gonna start watching Lost. I get my television years after everyone else does... mostly.

I'm.. uh.. kind of shriveling as a human being and turning into an automaton, but yet they won't pay for my cybernetic implants that I've been requesting... I don't understand it uh doesn't make sense... CHAINSAW HANDS!

Yah just calling saying 'Hi', was hoping to get you on phone but I didn't...

Hey I'm glad you've been using that phone list to call people up man. Yeah, you need to uh, you need to do that.

You need to expand... and grow... and assimilate... everyone... into your collection...
and then just uh...
bury them in your back yard...

Well that's it man... take it easy."

Well that it for me as well... take it easy indeed.

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