EmptyInside (thelastbandito) wrote,

The things I dream...

There was more too the dream than what I'm about to say, but I've completely forgotten the beginning. I remember some medeval fights that occured, and from the point I will relate on, I was in some sort of half-plate armor, with a one and a half handed sword. The sword had intricate designs on it, and stuck out in the location, because it was a straight, double-edged sword, when everyone else was using curved, single-edged falcions and sabers. I recall some grizzled man remarking about the sword, and that it was odd, and me being worried about it and hiding it. I may or may not have been a fugitive in the area.

As far as I could tell about scenery, it started in an enclosed area, something like a tunnel, but with castle style stonework. As we exited this enclosure in a full run, it seemed like a battle, but not. I wasn't going to war. It was something like the great land race scene from Far and Away. I was going to fetch some land, and build an earthen house to live in. I'd already made plans, to build a one bedroom house, that I could expand on while living in the single bedroom to incorporate a family. I recall their being a pigeon problem in the area, and thinking of how to make the thatch roof pigeon proof.

I was halfway done with getting my house built, on the side of this lightly sloping hill, when a man with a glaive challenged me. Either he was fighting me for ownership of my half-built house or I was a wanted fugitive, I believe the reason for the fight was lost in the previous part of my dream that I can't remember. In any case, we started swinging. Somehow I disarmed him just as he disarmed me, and in the mix-up, I ended up grabbing the glaive as he picked up my sword, and we went at it again. He swung at me, and I blocked with haft of the glaive, but in such a way that it sent vibrations up the sword. If you've ever swung a baseball bat at a pitch without gripping tightly, you know the sting that hits your hands afterwards, and causes you to drop the bat, because your hands instantly go numb from the impact. Pretty much what happened to this guy, but he powered through it with his right hand, and swung once more. I went to block again, in the same way, but he switched directions at the last minute, and instead, the sword landed on my left hand. Slicing between my pinky, and ring finger knuckles.

I would probably lose my left pinky afterwards, but at the moment, I was worried about other things, and ignored the pain. Sweeping his legs while still 'holding' his sword blade which was stuck in my hand armor and hand. He wrenched it free as he fell, but it was over. Clenching the bottom half of the haft between my side and upper arm, I raised, and then one somewhat one handedly, slammed the glaive down on him. He attempted to deflect it, but wasn't very effective from a prone position, and I simply raised it up and slammed it down again and again, until he wasn't moving.

And then I chopped his arms, legs, and head off, and woke up.

I chalk that last thing up to being paranoid, from too many horror movies or series. If I ever have to kill someone or something, I'm pretty sure, I'm going to dismember it or whatever. Because while it may become a zombie and come back to haunt me. It's going to have a bitch of a time doing it without limbs or a head.
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