EmptyInside (thelastbandito) wrote,

Moving Sucks - I need a roommate.

I have encountered the suck once again in my life.

After 6 years, I had kind of hoped that I'd never have to move again, but like a bad dream, it returns.

For 6 years, I've lived with two russian twins, Yanni and Pavel. They've been great friends, and I consider them as brothers. Our house and lives have gone through all sorts of events, many fond memories, a few bad ones, but all in all an experience in my life that I've loved.

But now that time is coming to an end. The twins want to move out on their own to their own places, and as such, I need to do the same. One of them plans on ending up in PB, and the other, well I don't know.

Myself, I like living in Mira Mesa. After 6 years of being here, I love the fact that it's mostly quiet, convenient to just about everything I need or want, and only a few minutes away from Downtown, The beaches, or North County.

So I want to stay here. Although it's pretty expensive to get a single bedroom apartment in Mira Mesa. I could do it probably, but I'd be hanging by threads more than likely, and it would be more difficult than I'd be comfortable with.

Thus, I need another roommate.

So who wants to live with me? Hrmm? There's more than a few decent places in Mira Mesa, and rent would basically be between 550 - 700 a month, with split utilities.

Send me a message if you're interested.

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